Alvin L. Catella Attorney at Law
Alvin L. Catella Attorney at Law

Helping individuals and families in St. Charles and throughout Illinois since 1965.

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St. Charles Family Law Attorney

Family law is a tricky area of law. Emotions can run high, often getting in the way of the legal process. This is true if you are going through a divorce, but it is also true if you are excited about an upcoming marriage or adoption. How do you get through the legal steps necessary to reach agreement in a cost-effective and timely manner? Work with an experienced lawyer.

I am Alvin L. Catella, a St. Charles, Illinois, attorney with decades of experience helping people through divorce and other family law matters. I know what it takes to come to a resolution that considers your — and your children’s — best interests.

Helping You Make The Best Decisions For Your Future

The decisions you make today will influence your future.

  • Going through a divorce? Every choice you make during your divorce can affect not only the divorce but also how you and your spouse will communicate in the future. This is especially true when children are involved.
  • Need to determine custody and/or child support? Making the right decisions now will help ensure that your parental rights are protected and your children receive what they need for a happy, healthy life.
  • Getting married? A prenuptial agreement can protect your wishes should challenges arise in the future. If you are already married, there is still time to create a postnuptial agreement.
  • Adopting a child? When the adoption process goes as smoothly as possible, it sets the stage to a bright future for you and your new family.

I have helped countless families learn their options and make the best decisions for their futures. In some cases, this meant deciding to go through mediation rather than fight in court. In others, it meant asking for a modification of child custody or support when one parent lost his or her job or relocated to another state.

Whatever decisions you face, I will use my experience to walk you through each option and what it will mean for you, your family and your future.

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